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Events in the Klosterkrug



Schnitzel day in the Klosterkrug

Our schnitzel menu holds for you a lot of variations for 13,00 Euro each.

A must for schnitzel fans!

Click here for the schnitzel menu!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Bavarian weeks at the Krug

12. until 30. September 2023

Bavarian festive days in the Klosterkrug

Traditional southern German cuisine

White sausages | knuckle of pork | apple strudel

Bavarian beer on tap

Our Bavarian weeks are a celebration

of the rich culinary traditions of Bavaria.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Reservations under: 05324 2046

Baerische Wochen im Klosterkrug



In May comes the maties!
Our popular specialties:

Tartar of sherry maties
with apple, shallots and cucumber on herb crème fraîche

Duet of sherry and primtjes matjes “Hausfrauen Art”with apples, onions and gherkins in yogurt sauce
and parsley potatoes

Maties fried
on lettuce bouquet, drills and dill sour cream

with green beans and fried potatoes

Reservations Tel.: 05234 77 44 6-0

Wöltingerode Veranstaltungen
Wöltingerode Veranstaltungen
Wöltingerode Veranstaltungen
Wöltingerode Veranstaltungen